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Spellcatcher T-Shirt

Spellcatcher T-Shirt

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For locals please select local pickup to not pay shipping. Pickups will be available at Wolf and Witch Tattoo, please message me on Instagram or via email to secure a pickup time during the work week.

Screen-printed red on Gildan white heavy cotton t-shirt right here by the best of the best in Chattanooga, Leo at Our Luck Print brought this image to life. Front of shirt carries my artist logo while the back bears the Spellcatcher herself. 

I did a lot of running around and sweating to make these, they're the first shirts I've done because I could never agree with the artwork being "good enough" but something about the Spellcatcher just felt right. I value my hands staying in one piece, but if I ever lost a few fingers like her I'd still find a way to keep the magic flowing. I really care about the handmade process. Taking extra steps just because it's busywork and scratches my brain that needs a quest to feel productive. Never saying its the right way to do something or the only tools that make it valuable, but to me it's the only way I can be proud of it all, some sort of primitive nature to materials creating symbols in a world of technology and AI, it's not just about the final image but the whole process. Met up with Leo a few times in person to get the size for the back print in order. The man is a wizard with his printing, it turned out fantastic. I'm excited for the next project with him but I want to relish the work that went into these for a while. Magic is handmade. Thanks for supporting me & wearing these around town and getting asked what it means. You can make it up. 

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