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Sharpie Seance Drawings - Original Drawings

Sharpie Seance Drawings - Original Drawings

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Nothing here pre-meditated - just a boy with his pocket full of sharpies and this awesome toned tan paper, all pages drawn in 2023. I think there is more character in the imperfect, like a kid with a crayon - this is an attempt to boil down the raw energy of drawing as possible. I don't think there is anything wrong with digital artwork but I do believe drawings and paintings and physical mediums hold onto the energy they were created with. Pixels are and always will be trapped behind a screen forced through machines and any attempt to bring them to a page will remain an imitation of what it took to create them. Be closer to the energy. Buy hand-made & local artwork if you agree :)

One of a kind freehand sharpie drawing on 11x14" toned tan heavy paper, ships flat.

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